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 Computer Inroduction

Nowadays 'computer' is a well-known word used in everyday conversation. By this time computer has succeeded in making its place in every area of ​​our daily life. For example, our electricity and telephone bills are printed by computer, reservation of seats in trains and airplanes is done by computer and in all banks all work is done with the help of computer. Even when we go to a big shop for shopping, its bill is also generated from the computer. That is to say that now the computer is no longer a rare machine used in few places, but is becoming an item of household use like scooter, telephone, TV, motorcar etc. That's why people have started calling today's era as 'the age of computers'.

The word 'computer' is derived from the English verb compute, which means 'to calculate'. Therefore, the literal meaning of computer is the one who calculates. In other words, a computer is a machine that performs calculations or helps us to perform calculations. Although the form of computers that are in vogue and are used nowadays,

Performing mathematical operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, etc. in it, is only a small part of the many tasks performed by him. But initially the computer was conceived and developed as a device that could perform calculations at a high speed. Later, seeing its unique capabilities and features, it started being used in many tasks, but its name computer itself became popular and customary.The word 'computer' is sometimes used for 'computer' in Hindi, but in this book we will use the word 'computer' only.

 what is Computer ?


Nowadays the main function of computers is to take the given data or data and keep it safe in its storage or memory and when required, take it out of its storage and display it properly or extract useful information from it. to make doable Or to extract useful information from it, we have to perform many types of operations (calculations, comparisons, transformations etc.) on that data. These actions are collectively called processing. Therefore, the main function of a computer is to process the given input (data) and extract output (information) from it.


what is Computer ?

As input, we give raw data and instruction or program to the computer.

And in the form of output, we get useful information, reports, charts, graphs etc.


Computer is just a root machine. He does nothing by himself and on his own behalf. To get him to do any work, he is given complete and correct instructions, the work of the computer is only to follow those instructions exactly. He follows them with utmost efficiency and swiftness. If the instructions given to him are correct, then the work will also be completed correctly and if the instructions are wrong, So the work will also be wrong or will not happen, the set of instructions given is called program. Writing programs for computers is also an art. By learning this art, you can do even the most complex tasks with a computer.



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